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Why you want to come live in Thailand?

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Escaping the Feminazis.

Because Thai TV soap operas aren't available any where else.

Good weather, Good and Cheap food and living, Women who do not want to be men.  Some may ask for variations of the 3rd, if that's your thing 🤫.  

16 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

Not so cheap anymore. Last time I asked in a Chiang Mai barbeer I stopped asking when I was told the bar fine price. 


Still cheaper than the house you have to pay for strictly rationed sex in the UK.

My current live in gf costs me 10k/month.

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5 minutes ago, Momofarang said:

Yet again!...


When I was working in Geneva a Thai lunchtime happy ending massage was setting me back THB7000 (vaginal) THB10000 (anal).

You were shafted sir!!!

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