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Brit tourist tells of Thai prison terror after beaten inmate died in his arms

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1 minute ago, Sticky Wicket said:

despicable for a civil matter!

A civil matter? Would you like to elaborate on that? Is that according to your interpretation of the matter, western law or the laws of Thailand?

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1 minute ago, MRToMRT said:

This all sounds very dodgy from the Mirror, he gets 9 days BUT spends 3 months in detention for not being able to afford a 4500 baht fine? Am I reading that right?


And as for British xenophobia against foreigners , what does this line......"a British DAD" infer ? What bearing does the fact that he fathered offspring have to do with him breaking the law in Thailand? 


He sound much more likable as a person of high integrity and caring love for his child. Doesn´t he? I think it was very good to take that in the news, to show what a real peice of work this guy is.

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