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When only the best amulet will do! Deputy police chief survives Benz devastation

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It takes massive speed and force to peel open a Benz like that. Just how fast was he going? I guess 200kph+. Any chance the BiB will fine him for speeding and dangerous driving? Nope, nothing to see here.


Fell asleep due to too much work..... Aw, you have to feel sorry for them, lifting all those brown envelopes is hard work.

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He fell asleep at 4.30 in the afternoon ??? When he was asleep, his foot must of went down hard on the gas to mangle a car like that. Cop driving a Merc S class   ???????    

I am sure that Mercedes engineers will be wringing their hair out once word of this gets to them. Stunning really that none of the villagers were able to make the connection between a very well built

But this was a Benx.

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How ridiculous is this headline?  A worthless amulet saves an idiots life who fell asleep at the wheel???!!!!   And from the look of the car his speed had to have been extremely excessive.  The headline should be heralding the safety of this Mercedes in a high impact collision. Below that it should state this moron who supposedly fell asleep yet was still able to mash the gas pedal to the floor was extremely lucky. This kind of reporting just fuels the idea that worshiping some inanimate idol can somehow protect your life. Only an idiot would believe something like that.

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18 hours ago, gk10002000 said:

Typical Thai obviously driving at massive speed.  They seem to think that claiming to have fallen asleep helps absolve them of any criminal liability.

Yea, but that works. People believe it.

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Must of been his lucky day or he must of had the lucky amulet. Hey you you 26,000 Thai drivers who died inroad crashes your amulets must of been fakes The cop had the only genuine one because it saved his life. Has Thailand got a problem with drivers falling asleep behind the wheel of cars? All I will say Man he must of been moving by the state of that car. But as some one mentioned on here A cop driving a Benz They are not cheap. So my question is how much money was this guy on?

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On 11/19/2019 at 6:55 AM, Encid said:

From the photographs in the original article it would appear that the Benz in question is a third generation or W140 S Class sedan, which were made from 1991–1998.

So hardly a new or expensive model.

Strong enough though... and probably had more to do with saving the driver's life than any lucky amulet he may have been wearing.

Wasn't strong enough for Princess Diana.

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23 hours ago, neeray said:

Will he be charged with reckless driving?


Yeah he got a 500 baht fine and had to do a  wai and got a promotion for surviving that crash by showing people that amulats really do work. Up gp the sales of amulats . He probably got a new car to 

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