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When only the best amulet will do! Deputy police chief survives Benz devastation

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He fell asleep at 4.30 in the afternoon ??? When he was asleep, his foot must of went down hard on the gas to mangle a car like that. Cop driving a Merc S class   ???????    

I am sure that Mercedes engineers will be wringing their hair out once word of this gets to them. Stunning really that none of the villagers were able to make the connection between a very well built

But this was a Benx.

Posted Images

He's a complete idiot. It was German technology which saved this clown's life and has nothing to do with these overpriced clay amulets being "made available" at exorbitant fees all over the Land of Lottery!  

Good luck the government (i.e. tax payer) is so generous to provide S200's to sleepy big wigs of Thailand's brown force, if it is not the government then it still is the tax payer, who foots such protective working gear like an Mercedes-Benz S200? 

In closing, have a look at the pictures and then wonder, how aliens can build such cars while their owners are riding around mid afternoon and taking a little nap. A little dream maybe? 

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On 11/19/2019 at 10:31 AM, bannork said:

Still, better to trust the old seat belt in a car and turn up the music if you're feeling sleepy 

Try stopping for a 10 minute nap.

Better to be late than DEAD on time

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On 11/18/2019 at 10:30 PM, 4MyEgo said:

I suppose "luck" had nothing to with it 🤪


Should go out and buy a lottery ticket !

How about giving credit to the Mercedes engineers who designed that car to be crashworthy. More logical explanation than an amulet but then again, this is Thailand. 

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This makes me think of the movie "Silver Lining Playbook" where the Robert de Niro character is watching a football game, with his lucky handkerchief to ensure his team wins.



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With the current trend in Thailand making  it hard for foreigners to live there, It doesn’t really help matters much when ThaiVisa makes fun of the culture and beliefs of the Thai people. What does it matter to you what people believe?  It only matters to social engineerings westerners !


Making fun of their religion, and not really knowing anything about it, despite the fact this is a forum about Thailand which is 90% Buddhist isn’t very helpful or even considerate. 


This very culture and belief system is what makes Thailand the place all these uncultured know it all farangs B-line it to, then are hellbent to turn it into the very place they escaped from. Have some humiliation when you are someone’s guest. 

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