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Not Thai related, moved out of "General" to the Pub

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Okay. Silly me. I've been had. Probably won't be the last time. Still...


According to Snopes, the video being shared is actually a combination of two clips. The first part of the video is computer-generated and had been posted on YouTube channel MeniThings back in June 2017.


"Yes, the part of the video that shows an airliner spinning 360 degrees is stolen copyrighted work - specifically my work. I created the shot for my Menithings YouTube channel, and it's entirely CGI," Aristomenis Tsirbas from the YouTube channel told BOOM.


The second part of the video is from an actual incident which took place in August, reports Snopes. During the incident, a Chinese passenger plane flying from Beijing to Macao was forced to make an emergency landing with 166 on board  at Shenzhen airport. Clips from the incident make up the second part of the hoax video.

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