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cancer screening recommendation request for Sheryl

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I had what was called an abscessed cyst removed from my chest a week ago at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital.

Today when the Doctor removed the stitches, he said the cyst biopsy required follow up with an Oncologist.

I have an appointment on 29 Nov with an Oncologist there(BPH).

I will want to have my file and any recommendataions reviewed by a highly qualified second opinion

Sheryl, could I ask you for the name of an Oncologist at Bumrungrad or other hospital in Bangkok with superior credentials?

Can I request copies my file from Bangkok Pattaya Hospital to take with me?

My wife died of metastatic breast cancer after three terrible years as a terminal patient.

I have a paralyzing profound fear of this disease.


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Where exactly on your chest was it? Would you describe this as breast area (it is rare but men can and do get breast cancer) or elsewhere (in which case possibly a soft tissue sarcome)?


Was it on the skin, under it but near the surface of the body or deeper inside? (trying to figure out what type of suspected malignancy this is, as it would affect whom I'd suggest you see).


And what exactly  do the biopsy results show? Get the report and post here or PM it to me

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Lump removed was on skin surface about half way between upper rib cage and nipple on right side.

Have another lump above the removed one about 2 inches above removed one and 2 inches below nipple. This one is just below skin.

I have appointment with oncologist 29 Nov.

I will request all documentation and forward it.

Thank you.



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When you say on skin surface do you mean it was a skin lesion or just under the skin?


On the skin surface  then melanoma is a possibility. That is a cancer that Thai doctors have little experience with.


Just under the skin  then possibly a sarcoma. While various sarcomas can occur on the chest they are not very common in any country.


Do post or PM the actual biopsy report when you get it.  Also how old are you,  from what country, and are you insured here in Thailand?


In Thailand your best options will certainly be in Bangkok, from Profs at either Siriraj or Chula, but treatment in your home country or elsewhere in this region may also merit consideration.  Especially if as suspected this is something there is  limited experience with in Thailand.


Limited experience includes among the pathologists who read the biopsies i.e. cannot assume initial reading is correct. There may even still be a possibility this was not malignant. Important: besides all records ask for the actual slides of the biopsy so that they can be re-checked elsewhere.

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Thanks very much Sheryl.

It started as a lump under the skin, that's why I didn't pay much attention to it-assumed it was a benign cyst.

I'm an American, 82 yrs old, have no insurance in Thailand but fully insured in U.S.(medicare plus supplemental insurance from retirement package).

Going back to  U.S. would be very hard due to my age and loss of contacts there.

I can afford to pay for proper diagnosis here(if that is possible)

I would go back to U.S. if that is only option for proper treatment.

I will post biopsy report here and insist on the biopsy slides when I see the Oncologist.

Thank you very much Sheryl, you are a superb resource for me at a time of extreme stress.


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