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Centre to improve flavour launched

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Centre to improve flavour launched




Akkharawit Kanjana-Opas


The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) has collaborated with Innopolis and World Tech Enterprise to open the Musc-WTE-Gerstel: Food Innopolis Learning Centre of Flavour and Aroma at Mahidol University’s faculty of science in response to the needs of private entrepreneurs and to improve the food flavour industry in Thailand, Akkharawit Kanjana-Opas, NSTDA’s assistant director and Food Innopolis’ chief executive officer, revealed at a joint press conference this week.


“We are now ready to promote research and development into food flavouring while also promoting the food flavour industry in Thailand,” Akkharawit said, “We established the centre to increase and improve research, using advanced scientific devices to analyse flavour with greater precision.”.


Food Innopolis and NSTDA have organised training courses on basic and advanced flavour science as part of the Flavor Academy project for the past two years. The training has been received well by the government and the private sector.


The dean of the science faculty Assoc Prof. Sittiwat Lertsiri said the new flavour storing device is considerably more efficient that the one formerly used and is able to able to measure and capture flavours extracted from other machines thanks to a database of over 100,000 aroma flavors.


“These advanced technologies are from Gerstel, the outstanding company of analytical technology in Germany,” he said. “The learning centre of flavor and aroma is ready to offer flavour analysis and conduct research. It is also ready to push Thailand as a hub for flavour analysis training in the Asian region”.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30378510



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