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Thailand continues to show off its beauty

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17 hours ago, BritManToo said:

Where's the swimsuit photo then?

Think I've found it, and agree she looks better in the swimsuit.



I think she would look much better out of the swimsuit 😈

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10 hours ago, Fex Bluse said:

I think you know. 


The majority of the country are brown people, not Chinese admixture or half Farang. They naturally have certain features common to the Southeast Asian phenotypes, such as smaller bodies (and breasts) and moderately wide and short noses, for example. 


What Thais represent to the world in these beauty pageants is actually a deeply embarrassing acknowledgement of how they desire to see themselves and how thr want the world to see them - despite the tens of millions of Thais who look almost nothing alike. 


It is a pathology in the country they are showing the world. 


It says "Look at us. Most of us don't like the way we actually look. So we represent to you how we wish we looked." 


It's sad because the native Thais are often gorgeous. 



So if any Thais are reading this, stop immediately doing what you are doing as it displeases non Thai Fex Blouse !!

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2 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:

You mean they look nothing like the farm raised square jawed flat nosed beauties you pick up in Nana?



Haha - quality 👍🏻


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