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Documents for Work Permit

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Hi there.
I have plans to go to phuket then to BKK with tourist visa. In BKK i wanna try to find a job as a software engineer. Are here anybody who have experience of looking a job staying in thailand with tourist visa, how companies will look at me if i will apply to jobs when i'm already in thailand with just toursit visa? 
I'm also interested which documents are required for workpermit? I don't have higher education, only college. And 10+ year of working experience. I heard in this case i have to proof somehow my work experience. If i gonna get reference letters from companies which information should be in these letters(period of time, salary, something else)?
Should i prepare any other documents?

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If you get hired at a larger firm (generally the only ones willing to hire foreigners as far as I could see) they will sort it out for you since most of the documents needed comes from the actual company. I don't think it matters if you're already in Thailand when you're applying -- most of the interviews I did were on Skype anyway.


The documents can be found online. I used this as a guide when applying: https://www.thaiembassy.com/thailand/work-permit-rules.php


The real annoyance comes when you apply for your 1 year non-b extension. Christ, there was a huge stack of paperwork required for that.


Oh, and you can also go through a company like Iglu to make the visa+work permit process much easier, but I think the cut they take from your income is too high.

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