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Chiang Mai: Crackdown on tourists teaching at language institutes and cram schools

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19 minutes ago, Tropicalevo said:

Well, I back the immigration people on this one.

Working illegally, not paying taxes etc. These people cause problems for all of us.

It is not the immigration police rhat make arrests. This is a labout dept. issue, not immigration. 

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9 minutes ago, Antiparovian said:

Plenty falang Yoga teachers doing the same. It is fraud. 

It is farang. 


Only a lroblem if tou poss off the wrong person. 

Who here hasn't  broken a law on Thailand?

My cleanest of mates, anti corruption giy even paid immigration money for something he didnt have.

He wouldn't  evrn pay 100 baht to a cop in the past.

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5 minutes ago, darksidedog said:

Really? Enough reports of people being turned away when having had 2 or more actual visas, and border hopping has been tough for a long time, so how have they been getting away with it all those years?

One teacher having been caught, also doesn't seem like massive evidence of a grand epidemic.


I think bigger issue is people on marriage and retirement visas working without a permit. Half the guys I know don't have a work permit but they're married.

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