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Pattaya: Immigration swoop at apartment of UK over-stayer

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A contingent of immigration?? What the <deleted>!! Treated like a criminal over 26 days. Disgraceful stuff

Shocking, thats what it is shocking, a contingent of immigration police swooping on that dastardly farang. He should be hung, drawn, and quartered, for committing such a disgraceful deed.

It's sad to see what Thailand have become with theses stories of 'raids, busts and swooping' on people whose crimes are being overstayers, we're not talking about aprehanding arch criminals or knows t

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47 minutes ago, johnsmith8888 said:

I've said this forever, they want whitey out so that the west doesn't invade to protect its citizens when the military clamp down. Now I'm in vietnam and it seems better here. 

Oh dear, when is the clamp down, and who is planning to invade?


Not every process is supporting your conspiracy theory. In this case, they just found an overstayer and treated him according to the law. Often, police and immigration does not succeed in their efforts, here they did. Job well done, even though with a much inflated workforce.


Good for you when your happier in Vietnam.

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3 minutes ago, Matzzon said:

Have you ever considered that they are getting better at using computers and develop the system?

Sure thing the systems are better now.

But I would say, foremost, they started looking at it now and act swiftly.

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