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After Flu-Shot, sick (again).

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For the last 3 years I always had my "flu-shot" at this time of year. First time, some slight "discomforts" lasting a couple of days. Second year: Symptoms of a head-cold, lasting less than a week. This year: Full blown head-cold, lasting 10 days. Those symptoms always emerged 1 day after having received the flu-shot. Never with any "fever" though.
I am starting to wonder. Pure accident? Or my body busy with preparing for the Attack of a future Virus-Invador, letting it's guards down as far as current Bacterial-Invadors is concerned?
If there should be any connection, I would hate to be invaded by Bacterial-Invadors causing Pneumonia, while my "Bacterial-Defenders" in my body are in a state of semi-dormancy. (busy otherwise). As I suffer from COPD, any Pneumonia could turn out to be fatal.
Why is it, that Seniors in Australia get vaccinated agaist Flu and Bacterial-Invadors causing Pneumonia simultainiously (according to my brother in Australia.) The medics in my home-contry claim that after having received the annual Flu-Shot, further vaccinations are not necessary.
Anyone? I hope Sheryl is not on vacation.:smile:

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A few years ago i got a flu jab and it included Pneumonia, not many people know that. It's worth investigating to ensure you've had it

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I think you perhsps misunderstood what you were told on your home country.


Flu vaccine needs to be given annually.


The pneumonia vaccine is 2 different vaccines that each need to be given only once and at least 1 year apart. If you have already had both of the pneumonia vaccines (P13 and P23) then indeed you don't need anything other than a yearly flu vaccine.


The influenza and pneumonia vaccines can be given together but doing so may increase the risk of temporary adverse effects and in someone with a history of side effect post vaccination probably not best idea.  


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