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Trump vows U.S. Navy will not oust commando who posed with corpse from SEALs

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1 minute ago, JoePai said:

At least he sticks up for the military - unlike the Brit Government

Is there actually a military still in the UK? 

Seriously, what the politicians have been doing to the UK military is a crime. Now, they couldn't even take back the Falklands if the Argies tried again. 

Have they manged to find a few planes to put on the one and only carrier they have now?

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2 hours ago, Enoon said:

"Other snipers said they witnessed Gallagher taking at least two militarily pointless shots, shooting and killing an unarmed old man in a white robe as well as a young girl walking with other girls."

If that were true, wouldn't it be that he was being prosecuted for and not taking a photo of a dead man.

We want rough men to protect us and then crucify them when they behave like rough men. 

Perhaps we should just leave and let bad people do what they will because we are too PC to do the job.

Rome fell because Romans got too soft to do the job and they had to get mercenaries to fight for them.

Looks like we are next to be a past civilization. The next country to rule the world doesn't give a monkey's about gentleman's rules.

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