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Indian man arrested for impersonating pilot 'obtained Lufthansa fake ID card in Thailand'

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Catch me if you ca....... oh they did.

Well if he did I hope they hang him. I haven't had any action in ages, so why should anyone else?😠

So after the 20% discount, you are only paying about 30% of King Power's markup on retail.   Winning!

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There are a lot of advantages as an airline employee - not means to impersonate anything but when I buy goods in Swampi duty free shop I always approach a Stewardess and ask her politely if she would do me a favor and show her staff batch to the cashier which means 20% discount on all goods. If they do me this favor I offer them to select something for themselves but usually it works without.

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2 hours ago, RotBenz8888 said:

I wonder if he has a fake license to practice as a doctor too?

images (30).jpeg

doctor? nah

he got his fake colonel uniform, a small step to become a general, and that where the real perks start to roll in!! 😉

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