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Russian fugitive on four year overstay arrested for working illegally in Pattaya

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RE - the man was on a four year overstay and entered Thailand illegally.


* Hmm, It seems to be an achievement in itself to overstay an illegally entry ... 🤔

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I thought Russians were allowed to work illegally in Pattaya 🤔

How can he be on overstay or not have a work permit if he entered illegally and doesn't have a visa ?

Yeah he looks steamed. You can see the anchor in his eyes. If he hit you you’d probably need a sturgeon. 

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Denied all charges. So the biometrics  and the computers  made a 4 year mistake




As for teaching  in the gym  i don't  know it depends if he was getting paid


But in 4 years must have needed  income

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