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Bigger cause of expats leaving...

What will cause more expats over age 50 to exit?  

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9 minutes ago, moontang said:

My brother is paying 700 usd per month with a 7500 deductible on an Obama plan, at under 60.

Really ???   700  usd PER MONTH ?    this is a serious question 

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I can tell you something else. That scenario of "i'm 49 now and I can't wait to hit 50 so that it becomes easier" will be encountered less and less.   New "retirees" would have to have serio

Agreed. I am just 70 and it would be hard to meet the age requirement for almost all the proposed policies. Even if I was inclined to use the government mandated companies and pay their exorbitant cos

I think that after a few years in country some of us realise that the Thailand dream is not a dream at all. It isn't a nightmare or anything like that but we just come to see more clearly how our home

18 minutes ago, moontang said:

Check your bottle bottoms..you seem to have overlooked a 95 page thread on this exact matter.  


And how many actual extensions applications have been reported rejected. You stated early in your thread that O-A were accounting for "half" of extensions based on retirement. My guess less than 10-20%.

In any event where are the actual reports. You would imagine heaps given the insurance gig started 21 days ago.


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In my small little world I know about 20 expats who live here permanently all aged between 50 and 75. Whilst we have discussed  800k and health insurance not one of us has considered leaving.

I am pretty sure I am the only one who is on an O/A so that represents 5%.

With all it’s almost daily surprises I love Thailand and it’s better the devil you know.

Au revoir losers.

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1. What do you think will cause more expats over age 50 to move out of Thailand?

The requirement to have 800k in a Thai bank?

The requirement to purchase health coverage from their list of specific vendors?


Well of course it'll be the health insurance requirement - the ones who can't afford THB 800k are already gone.

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