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Some 7-11 branches to implement 'no plastic bags' policy from Nov 25

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36 minutes ago, Toadie said:

Sad. People that see no plastic bags is of critical importance to them. You do have hands and there's these really nifty zip up shopping bags for those that are technologically astute.


Good on 7/11


Homepro has had this for awhile now. Tops also has no bags Tuesday. 


Yet to see anyone leaving stuff behind yet because no bags.


If you can't manage it don't go back to a western country. A very rude shock will be waiting.

Same with Makro. What you put in your trolley is your problem to get home. They do supply thin plastic bags for fresh fruit & veg, fresh fish & meat etc, but anything which is already pre wrapped by the supplier you have to sort out yourself. They do sell bags but my local branch has run out of the cloth bags again.


I even used Makro cloth bags at BigC which got me an odd look, but when I went to the duty manager and suggested that BigC sell cloth bags, I got some smiles and thank yous but it went clear over their heads.

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18 minutes ago, Monomial said:


And for those people who do not have cars? Do you also automatically carry around 3 cloth bags with you whenever you take the skytrain to a business meeting on the off chance you might want to stop at 7-11 on the way home?


If you want to force every retailer to use biodegradable plastic bags, I'd probably get behind that. But that would cost retailers money. So of course, they would fight that. Allowing them to offer no bags to customers saves them money. So as long as everyone is forced to do it, then customer convenience can be ignored in the name of bigger profits. Hence, we get this ridiculous no bag policy, rather than a more rational and practical solution to the issue.


Replacemnet bags are on display at 3 baht each. If you cant afford that then its time to be leaving on a jet plane

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About time!

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