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FYI: Pants are now a must at immigration

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i have been saying this for years.   you totally disrespect Thai culture by wearing shorts, tee shirts and flip flops.   same for going to the bank.  

I wouldn't dream of going to immigration without my pants on!  Also, a clean pair of trousers over them probably helps as well... 🙂

Dress shorts disrespectful? This a tropical humid environment so shorts and a short sleeve shirt are more appropriate. Farangs or Thais wearing singlets, flip flops and those stupid cargo pants anywhe

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15 minutes ago, edwardandtubs said:

Do yanks really not understand what 'pants' means to half the world?

Well I hope they don't mean undercrackers. I've never worn them since I came to Thailand. Not even for immigration. I have my limits.



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8 hours ago, DannyCarlton said:

Well they've lucked out with me then. Government workers in Thailand have usually bought their jobs. Zero respect from me. I can say, in all honesty, that the guy who guards my village, Pong, gets far mor respect from me than some random Immigration Officer. He's a true gent and will do anything for you.

The higher up most probably , and some of the pretty young girls - it's obvious what they are employed for, But if you're not in those categories then the salary is pretty low by Thai standards say working in a bank and they have do deal with a great deal of offensive, smelly farangs and their consorts on a daily basis. I would imagine those working in the office front counters handling application will not got much of the tea money either. I once had the honour to be a guest of the deputy governor of Saraburi for his office Christmas party - with everything gratis for everybody so there are some extra perks for staff on high days and holidays.


Showing results for civil servant salaries Thailand

The government raised the minimum salary of civil servants holding bachelor's degrees to 15,000 baht a month on Jan 1. The average base salary of vocational certificate stands at 9,477 baht and of high school vocational certificate holders 10,475 baht.

18 Nov 2013




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Another dumb convention.


Making the “farang” jump through innumerable, meaningless hoops gives these peons a sense of power and esteem they can’t get anywhere else in Thai society, it would seem.

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