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Public Health ministry gears up for seasonal PM2.5 air pollution

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excellent example of problem-solving in thailand; doctors don't deal with the particle 2.5 problem, they deal with patients; government is the only entity that can deal with the pm 2.5 issue ; please,

The PM 2.5 problem is not "seasonal" anymore it is perpetual!

And that is as far as it goes. The acceptance of air pollution is now a fact and there will be no attempt to combat pollution at source because it is against the desires of the people who are making m

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On 11/23/2019 at 9:36 AM, IAMHERE said:

Yes, you are correct. If only all Western Idioms translated so well. 😜  Try asking a Thai what a pound is, what an ounce is, forget prevention it is to close to maintenance.

Yoo tink too mut.

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