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planning a trip to Krabi and Phang Nga Bay

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Myself and my wife want to see Phang Nga Bay and primarily the area that encompasses the impressive karsts which it is famous for .I take it it is near where the James Bond island is located although we don't have to necessarily get off to see this island. I also realize Phang Nga Bay is very large so would like to get as best as possible a boat tour to see some of the scenery that it is known for. We want to see how the bay compares to Halong Bay in Vietnam which we recently visited. We would also like to see Railay which is also supposed to  have some very spectacular scenery. We are planning on flying into Krabi and would like to know where the best area to stay. If we stay in Krabi I take it there are boat tours you can take there to see Phang Nga Bay. I see where we can take a reasonably priced bus shuttle from Krabi airport to Krabi town. After exploring Phang Nga Bay we would like to stay 2 nites in Ao Nang and we can take a boat tour to see the Railay coast. It looks like you can catch a songtaew from Krabi town to Ao Nang. So, in summation any ideas about possible tours or suggestions or input about my proposed itinerary would be most appreciated. We can take a reasonably priced bus shuttle from Ao Nang back to Krabi airport. Thanks for any advice or input.

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