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Koh Samui: Authorities need to do more to stop tourists drowning

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Koh Samui: Authorities need to do more to stop tourists drowning



Picture: Facebook Boykk Jaipeam


A jet ski operator who saved a boy from drowning has called on the authorities for more help to stop tourists drowning in Koh Samui. 


The words were echoed by netizens who want more spending on preventing deaths of visitors to the holiday island. 


A post on the Facebook page of "Boykk Jaipeam" showed a man on a jet ski pluck a boy who was drowning in the surf.


He braved 2 meter waves to rescue the youngster successfully. 


In a post he said that the "drowning season" had arrived in Samui. He said that jet ski guys sometimes get a bad press but they often do great stuff like this. 


He called for more help from the authorities in terms of life saving equipment. 


This was repeated by many onliners who shared the story expressing their concern for tourists. 



Picture: Facebook Boykk Jaipeam


Daily News said that the 7km long Chaweng Beach had many tourists due to its beauty but could be treacherous during the southern Thai monsoon season of November to January. 


Hotels put out red flags but more could be done to save lives. Some tourists ignore the warnings resulting in deaths every year.


Thaivisa notes that some tourists - unfamiliar with the fact that the southern part of the country has a different monsoon season to places like Pattaya and Koh Chang - may get caught out. 


People should always follow local advice and warning signs. 


Source: Daily News


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-11-25
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The authorities don;t give a toss !  Lifeguards cost money as does equipment. They were withdrawn in Phuket cos they couldn't see any profit in it, so don't worry about the safety of swimmers was their attitude

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I am so sick of people refusing to take responsibility for their own actions. Why is it Thailand's fault that people drown? What nonsense. People ignore red flags, roped safe swimming areas, etc. Sad that they die, but stupidity should be painful to the stupid, too.

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So guy pulls up on the beach and casually gets off smiling before looking to see the condition of the kid ? No urgency and then first thing the kid does is walk up and start talking while getting filmed . Mmm 🤔 

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3 hours ago, 30la said:

What does it has to do with it??? Saved!

Maybe a setup. If you were picking up a drowning person you would not be accelerating at the same time on a jet ski. We did however practice that in rubber duckies back in Oz before jet skis were introduced.

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