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Pattaya video: Russian tourists see the wild side of Thailand at first hand

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1 hour ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Maybe some of our American members can tell us: With so many weapons in the USA do incidents like above happen in the USA all the time?

It's not my intention to point a finger at the Americans but I guess it's interesting to know how people act when gun ownership is "normal".


No this is not an all the time occurrence.  I have heard of two incidences but this was a car theft or kidnapping.  I have been here for 10 years but go to the US every year to visit my doctors.  Do not hear of this or see it.  By the way I lived un the US for 70 years.  

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Toyota Vios drivers are packing now,it's becoming dangerous,

you know not to argue with a Benz or BMW driver as there is

always a good chance they have a gun......but

regards worgeordie


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1 hour ago, Mavideol said:

not too long ago (will have to find it but was here on the forums)  TAT made a poster indicating Thailand to be safe for tourists

It's safe, if you don't move from your room ...😂

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3 hours ago, sammieuk1 said:

Just making the Russians feel homesick all part of the world class ambiance 🤔

Yep, that’s about right .  I heard gunfire almost every night in Moscow  while i was trying to sleep.  For those of you that know Moscow, is was near Metro Perova 

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3 hours ago, mercman24 said:

going back to my condo beach road JOMTIEN sat night, i was last on the bus, driver tapped the window told me to get out (300 yards from my condo) so i did and kept on walking, (no pay) he peeped his horn and waved a knife at me , lol funny thing is, then he drove off right past my condo, 

wow...the place is full of "brain dead" people, its quite scary, but maybe a reminder,NOT  to challenge these nutters.

i live at cosy beach, but havent experienced any similar aggression.

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