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Father ill in Pattaya

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This is probably in the old thread but I assume you contacted the embassy. So if so did they have any advice?


If he could be persuaded to board a plane, do you think he is physically healthy enough to be allowed to board?


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A very difficult situation for you indeed.


My father went that way awhile ago, but in home country, and my sister stepped in with full family support. In short she gained power of attorney. Its messy and stressful for all. Especially Dad.


My father is in a home now. Me? I would certainly prefer spending my final years in Thailand but then... Pattaya...? Without knowing or wanting to know full situation, quality of life for him should be major consideration. Help here will be cheaper.


All that aside if you really needed to move him. Solicitor there first enquiring about power of attorney (control his finances), Embassy here, nearly need to speak with proper person here and at least brief them, then work out Visa he is on. Quite possible to have him deported.


It will be very, very, messy. You will need a lot of support but there will be away.


Thais won't understand especially those around him.


It's going to come down to what's best for him.

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32 minutes ago, ratcatcher said:

A distressing situation indeed. Who is caring for your father on a daily basis, viz a viz food, hygiene, accommodation etc? Is he living on his own or with another person? I am sure most who read this will sympathize with your situation.

From what I can gather is that he is looking after himself to some extent. When I was out in April, from what I was told by him he didn't have a girl, but others told me he did.

I have been in constant contact with the manager at the Condo and one of his friends, but over the last few weeks the situation has deteriorated and I am looking to come over with my mother (his ex wife) who he doesn't remember even though they were married for 30 odd years.

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I concur with the other posters here who recommend you seek legal advice on getting power of attorney over your dad. We had to do that for my mom who suffered from Alzheimer's Disease. Good Luck.

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1 hour ago, Isaanbiker said:

I can feel your pain, but there's an easy solution. All government hospitals have a Psychiatrist. Most of them speak a good English.

They even have open on Saturdays.


Go there alone and discuss it with one of the doctors who understands your situation.


Then take your dad to the hospital and they'll prescribe him medication that will not just help him, but also you to be able to get him home.


  If you need more details, please drop me a message. 





If your father has something like Alzheimer's Disease, which from what you say sounds plausible (my mom had it). The diagnosis would have to be made by a neurologist, not a psychiatrist. There are drugs that can slow the progression of Alzheimer's, and even improve the condition, but only a little bit and they are really only effective in the early stages of the disease.

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