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Tourism: Indians "last hope" for Pattaya as Thai media reports massive high season decline

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46 minutes ago, NCC1701A said:

i know what i am going to say is a stereotypical comment about Indian people, but I saw it with my own eyes. I could not believe how they were grinding the massage ladies on price in Pattaya. I stood there and watched for a while outside a large shop. The one lady was holding her ground but it was brutal. 


They just can't help themselves , to haggle is second nature for them. The only solution is to charge them double and let them haggle down to the correct price. They are happy then.


I was doing a car boot sale in the UK once. The people selling next to me included an 8 year old boy trying to off load a few of his toys that he had grown out off. An Indian guy with his son came up. His son took a fancy to a small dinky car.


" How much ? "

" 10 pence "

" I give you 5 "


Bloke pocketed the car , threw down 5 pence piece and strolled of leaving the 8 year old visibly confused at such brazen behavior.

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So what becomes of the bag snatchers? Maybe a stimulus package to subsidise their incomes?

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