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Tourism: Thailand set to introduce "Double Tourist Visa", govt secretary

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Introduce whatever kind of tourist visa you want, wont make any difference. The way immigration clowns are acting will only deter tourists. With the baht being kept artificially high is just

Ah, the newest ploy by TAT, now they'll be able to count one arrival that comes (and flies straight to Vietnam) as two. Gott get 'em numbers up.

We want you. We hate you. We need you. We hate you. 

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Just now, smedly said:

I agree the baht was being held high or more accurately - they did nothing for four years to keep under control - it is now well and truly beyond the reach of any normal fiscal prudence to control it, drastic measures are now required which could cause an implosion - been predicting this for over a year now

They are bound to do something stupid IMO.

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