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Mandatory Insurance: will it work?

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I have heard of some cases where the insurance has not paid for the medical expenses, in which case what happens?

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2 hours ago, Chazar said:

Thats EXACTLY  how I turned up, i  kid you  not.

ha. I guess you would be excused looking a little rough if run over by a took-took.

But Im talking about if they size you up as a "kee-nok" that lives on Mama noodles in a 3000baht fan room and cant pay the bill.


Ive actually found Thais to be eerily accurate in how they assess some farangs, even after not knowing them very long.

Im sure you dont fit in the keenok class!

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2 hours ago, Sheryl said:

For most people it is no 40-50 K.  Premiums are in the  6 figures by the time you are 70 and shoot upward from there. The highest I have seen is over 400,000 baht for age 85. (yes - premium 400k for 400/40 in cover. Completely unbeleivable).


Definitely will not work. The policies are very badly designed and the companies for the most part clueless and inept with no real understanding of health insurance.  The law is absurdly written; people with low cover policies that exclude virtually every possible disease are accepted and people with solid high cover, no exclusion policies are not. Completely wrong way to go about it.


And then there is the huge question of what people who cannot get this "insurance" will end up doing. It is not a small number, between age and pre-existing conditions.  I suppose those that leave will be viewed as a "success" but many will manage to stay one way or the other...different visa type, agent etc. 


It will certainly deter new people  from retiring here and I suppose from Imm and MoPH standpoint that is a a "win" of sorts. but that trend was already well underway.



Thanks for posting that.

The concept seems even more ridiculous each time posters who are in the know, (Sheryl being number 1)

 point out the facts and obvious flaws.


They cant seriously expect a guy to pay a 400k premium per annum for cover of 400k ??


I think if they persist with this nonsense, they will have to set up some sort of 'Insurance tribunal' to look at abnormal cases like that as they come up.


Then do case by case assessments and  make adjustments that work for each particular case.


If they just wipe their hands of it, and old guys are forced to leave wives, homes and families after XX years being here..

well that must nearly be enchroaching on human rights issues, surely?


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Once one comes to terms with being a member of the easily exploited club, then it comes as no big surprise that one must purchase mandatory worthless insurance in order to remain in paradise...😘

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