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Why is TVF becoming such an unusable website?

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Who is running this forum? All that is happening is that it's becoming worse and worse to use. Topped off by the pop up VDOs that intrude over the forum page so I have to delete them to be able t

I blame the Chinese, Indians and Russians.

Another problem I forgot to mention is that half the time I can't move the cursor back in the text if I make a mistake. It took me 5 goes to just make the cursor appear on the last sentence so I could put a full stop on it. If the only way to move the cursor is to use the up and down and sideways keys it's a DRAG.

I've been complaining about the speed of this forum for years, and nothing is done. Now it's functionality is becoming dire.

I'm wondering if I should just not bother any more, as it seems that if it goes on like this, I'm just going to go mental. 

I'll carry on but I can't say for how long I will continue to put up with <deleted> pop up VDOs blocking the page. 


Does anyone in charge care about the users experience?

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7 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

I guess for some people their screen resolution might be a problem. On my 1920 pixel wide screen the forum works alright.

Yes, there are lots of ads which is a little annoying, but all in all it works.

I use a large TV screen instead of the supplied screen for my computer, no problems.

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