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Before: Pattaya never sleeps! After: Everyone in bed by 11 pm: Resort is dead say Thais

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4 hours ago, HeyHeyHey said:

I apologize of my rude remark. I think we actually have similar opinion but it's not that easy to express correctly on forum.


Samui is very big, it's the second biggest island in Thailand, over 220km2 


If you want to go for late night drinks or party it's Chaweng but it's not the best location to stay at. Lot of soi dogs that can be aggressive at night as well.


Pattaya is actually not bad for transport - cheap songtaew and Grab available. I just don't like the ladyboy and lady of the night stuff so never considered to live there.


Again this point - you seem to aim at me as being the irresponsible drunk making others in danger. Well that is definitely not, I'm just saying the drink driving could be significantly eradicated if reasonable transport is available.


Wages are low in Thailand, petrol is quite cheap as well. Would not cost much to provide few minibuses that take people home for let's say 100 THB per person. But they won't do it. So people decide to drink and drive instead.


Why they won't do it? Because it's all mafia based, even Grab or Uber has not attempt to touch Samui. In Bali they beat the drivers, in Hua Hin too - you now have to take selfie before ordering a grab.


So my point isn't to excuse drink driving, but simply saying I understand why people do it, and it could be eradicated by some fairly simple changes. Of course the simple changes means threatening Lamborghini and Maledives lifestyle to small amount of people who are very dangerous.

Yes you are right the taxi mafia at a few places is really a pain in the a....


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On 12/5/2019 at 8:52 PM, HeyHeyHey said:

I tend to disagree sir


1. High baht

2. Economy cornered by hilo families who have monopoly on everything, making goods and services more expensive than the value

3. Scams

4. Fun not allowed

5. Garbage.... garbage everywhere

I agree. 


Many things here are a false economy.  Just take wine and cheese for example. 


These goods and services in a false economy, are further inflated by a high baht,


Thai landlords are in the category of HiSo families that have pushed up rents and taxes here, and kept the baht over valued, to suit themselves.  Unreasonable rents get passed onto the consumer, and the high baht means they can buy assets offshore a lot cheaper. 

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On 12/2/2019 at 2:40 PM, paulikens said:

nonsense.  its far from deserted, ok its probably not as busy as it use to be, but to try and make out its some sort of ghost town is b***ocks. I went there Friday and the first 3 hotels I tried were full.  the bars were busy not rammed but there was plenty of people about. there really is some nonsense talked about on here,unless theres another pattaya im unaware of, its certainly far from dead

the anti pattaya comments, are usually from people ,who seldom, if ever, visit pattaya...  i dont know why there is so much hatred about the place....

dont be so miserable guys---lighten up....

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On 12/5/2019 at 12:13 PM, Skallywag said:

If you cant drink 6-8 beers and walk 10 kilometers home, you are a lightweight, or you live too far away from the nightlife you so desire. I have walked home many times as I just do not trust motorcycle taxis, luckily Pattaya has the Songthaew / baht buse (10 baht) 


Yes am in that category, but I accepted what Thailand was like before retiring here.

I don't complain about how things are better somewhere else or things cost more than they do somewhere else.  




Personally, if someone had a drink on Samui, but puttered home at 20 km/hr on their motorcycle, it might not be an issue. Everyone can easily avoid and little chance of hurting anyone.


Leave the car at home.


The problem is drink drivers who think they can drive normally. 


Best option to perhaps rent a bicycle and not drink too much. 🙂


But you've taken the wrong tack with HeyHeyHey... You can love Samui without loving the taxi mafia.

So I understand him. Having to pay 800 baht each time in order to get home, can act as a deterrent to doing the right thing.


No doubt people would be happy to have the choice of sitting and waiting for a Songthaew to fill up, paying a more reasonable price of 100 baht per person to be dropped off. Those in a hurry can pay the 800.






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Those in Pattaya from Walking street any time at night can private charter a songkow for 250 baht to anywhere (Naklua or Jomtien) I have done it for two. 

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