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Before: Pattaya never sleeps! After: Everyone in bed by 11 pm: Resort is dead say Thais

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1 hour ago, webfact said:

"The PM said he'd bring peace and quiet to Thailand". 

Yep, the almighty wet blanket has made Thailand more dull than Singapore.  Of course what do these people who work there for years know?  There could be some top secret military fun operation nobody knows about or can comprehend.  


For all those who root on cha cha, you root on the marginalization of Thailand. 

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6 minutes ago, yogi100 said:

Pattaya has always attracted lonely middle aged and older blokes and more and more blokes are becoming middle aged, elderly and lonelier all the time. They'd still come but it's got too expensive and unwelcoming. It never really was on younger peoples' or the backpackers types' radar.


When the public read or hear of people being grilled by immigration officers and placed in detention centres without even getting a chance to defend or explain themselves or even enter the country then it's bound to kill tourism.


Just one such incident on the Western media will deter thousands of would be falang visitors.


The fellow who'd had a nervous breakdown but had committed no crime a few years ago yet was pictured manacled to the prison bars 'for his own safety' in Pattaya put people off.


As have the murders of foreign tourists throughout the LOS especially young women and families. And the British family getting kicked unconscious over in Hua Hin.


The stricter visa regulations and health insurance racket don't help either where long termers and ex pats are concerned.


They've taken us for granted and now they're losing us. And our money. The bar girls in Pattaya know exactly what's happening. Just ask them what they think of Prayut and his lataban (government).

well that just means less people bringing back STD's to Europe and decreasing the HIV infections.

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48 minutes ago, smedly said:

although I highly respect most of your posts and find them to be a good read - you are way off with this one.


Having lived here a very long time I see no evidence of changes of the type you are suggesting.



What has happened however are three fold


- Thailand has become very expensive mostly down to the strength of the baht, people I know that came here on a regular basis are no longer coming.


- the authorities decided to treat western tourists with contempt, they are making it harder and harder for tourists from the west to travel and stay here, so why are they doing this - to my 3rd point


- they have foolishly overestimated the value that tourists from places like India and China bring here, there may be big numbers arriving but what are they doing when they get here - certainly not spending money because they generally don't have much, I see Indians wondering about in groups just looking, they may spend some time in hanging in massage joints looking for cheap relief but that is about the height of it



Thai authorities think that big numbers translate to big revenue - well it doesn't, they have alienated the big spenders who are now going elsewhere - to places were they fell welcomed and treated properly

Well said. Very accurate appraisal

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35 minutes ago, SteveK said:

I'd bet that it's the ridiculous over-valuation of the Thai baht which has been the number one contributor here. Visitors can overlook Thailand's foibles when things are so cheap. When things cost more than in your home country, or more importantly than in places like Bali, Mexico, Portugal or even Spain, is it any wonder people are choosing to go elsewhere? It's the Norwegians I feel most sorry for, 12 years ago I met some in Pattaya and they kept talking about how ridiculously cheap everything was for them. Now very few to be seen in Thailand.

yeah!, the baht is probably strengthen about 100% or more during this time, also the overal price increase does also help making it more expensive to stay here :-o

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1 hour ago, sammieuk1 said:

Not just Patti in trouble is it take a look on webcamtaxi to find out what this sham government has done to tourism through greed and lunatic laws🤔  

The rot started to set in around 2000 or so, under Thaksin, who thought double pricing, black money, hating farang, were all good ideas.

As seems to be many seem to have very short memories.

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