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Bloodbath: Teacher couple murdered in their own home - mystery note on the gate

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Bloodbath: Teacher couple murdered in their own home - mystery note on the gate



Thai caption: Bloodbath at luxury home


A husband and wife teaching couple who taught at a private school in Rayong were found savagely murdered in their own luxury home in Thapma sub-district, Muang Rayong, yesterday. 


Police and forensic teams who arrived at the two story house found a lot of friends and teacher colleagues milling about outside. 


Outside on the gate was a note in Thai. It said: "Wherever you're going, go. Don't give me any more trouble. Take your clothes. Get your younger one to return my vehicle. You whore!"


(Thaivisa notes that the translation of the note is tricky and its accuracy is debatable. It contained foul language and indicated considerable anger). 


Once inside investigators found complete disarray and a considerable amount of blood. There was a bloodstained knife taken into evidence. 


Much worse was to come upstairs. In a second floor dressing room that resembled a bloodbath there were the bodies of a man and his wife. 


The man was covered completely in a pile of clothes. A wound to the neck had nearly decapitated him. The body had clearly been dragged upstairs from the first floor.


There were footprints of someone who was not one of the victims. 


The woman had a large knife wound to her head. There was a considerable amount of blood and brain matter. 


It was determined that the victims had been dead at least ten hours. 


The deceased were named as Arocha who the students at a Rayong school called "Khru M". He taught physics.


The dead wife was Preeyaporn or "Khru Naen" a mathematics teacher at the same school. Both were 33 years old. 


The bodies were found by a relative. Colleagues at the school had contacted the relative after they failed to show up for work and could not be contacted. The relative saw the note on the gate that was locked. Letting themselves into the house they were shocked at the grisly scene upstairs and immediately called the police.


Teaching colleagues told the press that the couple loved each other very much and would not have murdered each other. They had been married for ten years and seemingly had no problems. They were aware that they had had a problem with someone over the sale of a "big bike" that had been posted on Facebook. 


They believed the note had something to do with this. 



Picture: Sanook


A neighbor who was close to the couple heard the sound of an argument the previous night. As it was late they decided not to go round as they might do normally. 


At 6 pm Chollathorn, 60, the foster mother of the murdered man arrived and painted a picture of a man who was seriously in debt from online football gambling, a situation that had endured for years. 


She said that her son had paid off monthly installments on his debts to the tune of 50 - 70,000 baht a time and had done this many times over the last two years. 


He had gone to see her on Koh Samet and she had admonished him for his gambling saying that it was no way to get rich and he might well end up dead. 


Her son said he would sell his vehicle to clear his debts and promised to give up gambling. 


She did not know to whom he owed money. But she said that she had recently given him 180,000 baht and a bank account showed that he had taken out 100,000 baht from the account on Tuesday. 


Chief of the Muang Rayong police Pol Col Damrong Uansoongnern was tight lipped. He would not be drawn on any speculation and said that the investigation was proceeding. 


Source: Sanook




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-11-29
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1 hour ago, P Funk said:

Shouldn’t be hard for a competent, motivated police force to track down the killer(s)... having said that who knows who else might be in hock to Somchai the Knife.

A lot of the "enforcers" for debt collectors are (off duty) uniformed guys.

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1 hour ago, POMRAKSIAM said:

Horrible tragedy. .... All over gambling debts.  


Gambling with your life when you owe that sort of money... shame as two teacher married should have had a good life, with enough to do whatever they wanted.

All ruined for an addiction!

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1 hour ago, ronaldo0 said:

How could two teachers afford that house , a Ducati and pay of 70000 bht a month gambling debts ?


Same as they do in the west, a mortgage and a vehicle loan. I. Suspect the gambling debt may have been getting paid off satisfactorily.

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