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Legal THC Oil - Where?

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So, I called Ratchaburi Hospital a couple of times to make sure the Ganja Clinic had CBD, and was assured it did. I made the 3-hour trip down there yesterday, did the 1-hour hospital registration process in stifling heat, entered the well-hidden Room 59 and was told, "Yes, we have CBD but the doctor who prescribes it is on maternity leave for 3 months. Please come back in September!" 😬


They said the only solution was to try the Traditional Medicine Dept. They also had CBD-THC in the same formula as the big Nonthaburi clinic, but again "not for foreigners." 🥴


They were nice enough people and suggested I buy some traditional medicine, which I did. But when I got home and translated it I found it wasn't suitable for my condition, consisted mostly of chilli-pepper, and was not to be taken for long periods, i.e. useless.


I think the problem with many of these clinics is they have only one doctor licensed to prescribe cannabis, so they are stuck with opening hours of one afternoon per month and no service if the one doctor is absent.


The officials who want to launch "medical cannabis tourism in Thailand" will have to step up their game a bit, I reckon.

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I have tried the sawadee clinic near DMK airport. First time was AA THC for 1000 baht, needed 15+ drops to feel anything. Now they've sold me 5ml of THX MAX for 2000 per bottle. Still need around 15 drops to feel anything.


Is there any THC only ones that are very strong?

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