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Boarding School For Mathayom 2 Thai Student with no English skills

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Suggestions for a "good" boarding school for Mathayom 2 student? The student is Thai and has practically no English skills. Just want to give her a better chance at life.



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As you didn't even mention where you're located, let her watch Youtube movies for learners of the English language.


  Go to Bangkok Post's website and look for English for young learners, there are great stories with the vocab in Thai, plus an audio file to listen to the text.




  It's very difficult when she doesn't have any knowledge of English to start at a boarding school. She needs to catch up and that's only possible in her free time.


  Another great website is: https://www.examenglish.com/CEFR/cefr.php


   You'll find exercises in listening, speaking, writing and reading from A 1 ( beginner) to C 2 ( mastery level).


  Watching cartoons/movies without Thai subtitles helps a lot. 

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OP you might get more answers if you post where you're located!!! 

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