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I'm thinking of getting a Netflix subscription for my new place & want the children to be able to use it.

I have a decent connection & use express vpn so my question is should I buy an overseas ie UK, subscription or is the local one decent enough?

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I'm using purevpn, but when it's on it is detected by Netflix which then denies access...

local one is good for the thai wife, bad otherwise compared to UK's one

I use the local (Thai) subscription for Netflix, and it's fine. Never found anything yet that is available in UK that is not available here. 

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It doesn't matter where you buy the subscription, it works based on where you are in the world.  You get the content based on your location (unless using a VPN, many of which Netflix will detect and ignore).


For instance, I have a Thai-based subscription - when I use it in the UK it works just fine but gives me content for the UK (no Thai language content, for example). My neighbour has a subscription bought in Canada, when he uses it here he gets the Thai programming.

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12 minutes ago, AAArdvark said:

Not so.  Check out this link and many others.


Netflix Country Comparison

You're quoting an article that's over 1 1/2 year old.  Yes there are certain country/region specific differences but it's always getting better.  There are plenty of contents (old and recently-released) on local Netflix.  When I moved out to SE Asia on 2012, I was using VPN to access USA Netflix.  I can't remember the last time I had to do that, anymore.

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Netflix has 3 subscription plans: basic, standard (HD) and premium (UHD). The price of each plan is the same price in every country. The only difference in a subscription will be the amount of content you are allowed to stream in your geographical location. If you use a proxy, you can stream more content from overseas andnd contrary to one poster's belief, there IS more content available on US Netflix than in Thailand.


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18 minutes ago, observer90210 said:

Which is or are the VPN's in that case,  that pass totally undetected by the radar of Netflix and other sites ?

ExpressVPN.  I've just signed in on my UK account here in LOS and set my location to 'UK - Kent' and went without a hitch.  Then I signed into Netflix 'USA - San Francisco' and again no problems.




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2 hours ago, Khon Kaen Jeff said:

Complete nonsense. Pretty much everything is on the 'Thai' Netflix.

Absolute rubbish I tried the free trial in Thailand last year decided against continuing. Went back to the UK and signed up for superior coverage.

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