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The December Sun is Slanting now: Where can I buy specialized types of building insulation, in Chiang Mai?

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I need very high efficiency insulation. It can't be thicker than 0.5 centimeters.


The reason I need this is that the Sun is slanting, and I am being hit with intense radiation from the south.


What I need is insulation which I can attach to the sliding glass doors through which the heat of the sun enters.


During the day, beginning in November, the heat from the Sun causes the glass doors to increase in temperature by about 40 degrees C.


This means that the glass on the doors is dangerously hot.


At the moment, I am using some old cardboard shipping cartons which I have temporarily taped to the inside of the sliding glass doors.


But, as you can imagine, the glass is so hot that the tape is melting, and the cardboard is falling, sometimes several times per day.


Obviously, the best solution would be to just tape on some light-weight high efficiency insulation.  But.....I don't know where to find this in Chiang Mai!


What I need is insulation in sheets which is about 0.5 centimeters in thickness, and which has the highest R factor that is presently possible.


I do not care if it might be completely opaque, because I plan to just cover up the glass, and reduce the heat....which is my main concern.


Then, towards the end of February, or sometimes in March, when the Sun returns to being more overhead, then I can remove the insulation from the doors, and store it, just so that I can use it next year.


I know that there are many stores near the new shopping mall.

Also, there is a store there which sells plywood.

However, during my visits there, I have not seen high quality insulation.


Also, I am sure that there are many people here who are having the same difficulty as I.  When the the Earth rotates around the Sun, then the Sun's angle changes accordingly....






So, anyway, where is the best place to buy high quality insulation of about 0.5 cm thickness, in sheets at least 3 meters high and about 2 meters wide, and suitable for gluing or taping to sliding glass doors or fixed large glass windows.


When the December Solstice occurs, then unless we prepare properly...we will all be living in hot houses.


Thank you.



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Instead of insulating the south facing glass, erect a shade sail or plant trees.  If in a condo or location which prevents that, have reflectI've UV film applied to the glass.   Or replace glass with double glazed UV tinted.

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