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Chiang Rai things to do daytrips

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Hi all. Heading up to Chiang Rai mid week for a few days. Just looking for a few possible things to do. Nothing to great a distance. parks, waterfalls great if anything nearby. Will be dragged to the white temple of course so no need add that to the list. Even things on the way maybe to see from Uttaradit onwards.


There was a really nice American style cafe / burger place last time I was there in the middle of the city. Forget the name but really good food. Is that still there?

Any other restaurant recco's?


Any help much appreciated

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Forget about the restaurants. Found the sticky. Hungry Wolfs and found a few other places will more than fit the bill. You guys are lucky up there! So many quality restaurants to choose from

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Thank so much for the reply. Living in Thailand 6 years last thing I want more temples. She'll be doing well if she can drag me to the white temple. I been before was something akin to Disneyland but not fun. What amazes me with Thais is that you go away and I doubt they actually absorb or enjoy or would remember anything they saw...it's just all about selfies and bragging rights on Facebook.


What about some nice natural areas...swimming, waterfalls etc.

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I enjoy a trip to ChIang Rai and 3 nights enable me to cover:-


Singha Park

White Temple

Black House.

Dinner at Chivit Thamma Da


Doi Tung Royal Villa
Mae Fah Luang gardens

Hall of Inspiration

Dinner in the night market

Other comments about temples and coffee shops are equally valid, as is lunch in place of dinner ay Chivit Thamma Da.


It is not far to the golden triangle and you could do a border hop into Burma. The duty free shop seemed to enjoy favourable allowances last time I was there....


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Yes definitvely Khun korn waterfall is something to do

take a comfortable pair of sneakers or hiking shoes

for the 30\40 minutes path, put a swimming suit and a towel in your bag

you can enjoy the natural swimming pool at the base of the waterfall and you

can also go into the cave just under the waterfall (Like in one of the Tintin adventures)


Every saturday night enjoy the sound and light show at the clock tower at 8 pm and 9 pm

then go to the big night bazar on Thanalai road, you can also do a stop in the

public park on the same road (On the site of the old prison).



fourre tout 402.JPG

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There are vast number of really nice places to visit but many of them require some travel time.  Here are some of my favorites.


Singha Park

Choui Fong Tea Plantation

Chivit Thamma Da and nearby Blue Temple

White Temple

Wat Huai Pla Kang

Black House

Doi Tung

Doi Mae Salong

Khun Korn Waterfall

Doi Din Daeng Pottery

Mekong River

Pha Tang

Phu Chi Fa

Phu Chi Dao

Phu Chi Duen

Pha Mon

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23 minutes ago, Kenny202 said:

Just a quickie guys. Restaurant serving westetn and thai food close to town not too expensive. CR Deli closed today

Not the most exciting culinar experience but if you

want a good choice of restaurants serving western and thai food close

to town and not too expensive you have few of them in Central Plaza festival 

One of my favorites was Black Canyon on the ground floor (Just beside Macdonald

but of course you can avoid Macdonald lol)

Be aware if you go eat at night here, most of the restaurants close early 

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