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Moving to Krabi mid 2020 - International schools?

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Dearly beloved Krabi residents,


My wife, our two children and I are moving to Krabi in June/July 2020. We have lived in Thailand for 10 years, and we both speak fluent Thai.


We have been to Krabi before, but never really looked into the province with the intention of living there. Our oldest child will need to attend school (Anuban 3, she is 5), but we are not sure what school to choose. I have found three different international schools: Krabi International School, Krabi International Montessori Academy and The British International School of Krabi. We are particularly interested in Krabi International School and would love to hear from anyone on this forum who has had experience with either of the aforementioned.


Furthermore, we are looking for a place to stay as well. We are interested in long-term rentals (preferably house with garden, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) - or we might just go ahead and buy a house somewhere a bit outside the touristy areas. I have looked online, and most of the Thai-based real estate listings do not have much to offer. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places?


Lastly, can you recommend areas to stay in? Just looking for a couple of wise words and pointers before visiting Krabi in February. If I know a little bit more by then, I believe it will be easier for us to navigate through the options, and at least have a point of entry to enquiries.


I appreciate your time - thank you!



All the best, Martin


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