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Trump faces two deadlines as U.S. Congress ramps up impeachment focus

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25 minutes ago, jany123 said:

And if the choice of words had been a little more.... committed... you would have rabbited on about dems having a predetermined outcome.... much as your choice of words reflect what most assume will be a republican abandonment of their oath of office.


I WANT them to impeach him, as I've said many times before.

Then the things they don't want to come out will.


a republican abandonment of their oath of office.

LOL. The only things politicians care about is being re elected, IMO.

BTW, so far high crimes and misdemeanours are rather missing from the scene. It's all just politics as usual, IMO.

However, had Trump left a girlfriend to drown in a river and not told anyone, that might get some traction.



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No defense against the invisible and unheard evidence? or no defense against the presumptions, assumptions, and smears? This farce is a total disaster for the democrats, long may it drag on.

I think he missed today’s deadline and I’m not in the least surprised he has absolutely no defense so he will smear deflect and try play the victim typical trump 

You mean like the phone call in which Trump denied any quid pro quo? The phone call of which there is no record at the White House switchboard? Not that the alleged denial was ever worth much. Especia

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2 minutes ago, Cryingdick said:

 If he is found innocent in the senate what should happen? Another term. 

Because being found not guilty by the Senate is the same establish that Trump's policies and actions are good for the citizens of the USA and should be endorsed by them? Non-sequitur much?

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2 hours ago, Srikcir said:

But based on the potential articles of impeachment, Trump is the cause for the impeachment proceedings. Therefore, should the House "indict" Trump for trial before the Senate, it is Trump who should personally reimburse the American taxpayers regardless of the outcome of the Senate trial.

LOL. The Dems want to impeach him as it's the only sure way, IMO, to avoid his re election next year. Nothing they've come up with in the past 2 1/3years has come close to removing him.

Actually, I doubt they will impeach as it would probably backfire on them, and they probably figure they can just keep attacking him for another year and perhaps enough voters will not vote for him.

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1 hour ago, J Town said:

Every time someone brings up this tired, ridiculous trope, I remind them that so far 36 people have been indicted/convicted, and many of them either are wearing orange jumpsuits or waiting to get fitted for one.

Small fish. The big one still swims free.

Nothing to fear.

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