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HIV diagnosis rates for straight men in WA now greater than for gay men

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On 12/4/2019 at 2:02 AM, kingofthemountain said:

Yes, and unfortunately most of the prostitute in Thailand do rarely a test.

They don't want to pay for it and the bars don't want too, 

The only ''chance'' for her to be detected with an STI is when a farang want to

take them for a few weeks and pay the test for them before to go bareback.


Some know that they have a STD already. What should they do with their life? Probably try to earn as much money as they can for their family or/and their child/children. Some of those with STDs are drug addicts. They need a lot of money for their drugs. Sometimes guys tell my their sex stories they had with such service people and quite often I hear that they didn't use a condom or even kicked out the service person because they didn't want to work without condom.


I think this sex industry has its own standards and their customers either don't think too much or are naive or don't (have to) care. Here the topic is only HIV. But don't forget that this is not the only STD. Hepatitis C and some others are not easy or eve impossible to treat. 

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2 hours ago, sunnyboy2018 said:

Most, not all STIs are apparent via pain, discharge, discomfort etc . Tests are cheap and girls do take precautions and do get tests. Most bar girls insist on a condom in my experience. Certain posters here claim to know all about 'prostitutes' and their life but claim to ' have been with one  or needed to pay for it'. They know nothing and always have an agenda.

Wrong, obviously you have 0 experience on the ground.

i had a few girls who was infected and totaly unaware of their medical problem.

a complete test is between 500 and 1000 bhts, for most of the ''working girls'' is not cheap.

50% of the girls don't care if you use a condom or not, it's ''up to you''

i had one time one young girl on beach road asking to the customer to pay a supplement

of 20 bahts if he wants a condom! Most of them don't do tests, never.

I have no agenda, and i had been with hundreds of ''prostitutes'' in Pattaya

during the last years.

6 hours ago, sunnyboy2018 said:

Wrong. Most STIs do not need specialist detecting as they cause pain, itching and discharge so it is pretty easy to see. Usually people know when they have an STI.So sorry but your post is just nonesense and actually a disguised sermon promoting your moral viewpoint.

Yes for a man you can know if you are infected, but not always and for all the diseases.

For a girl it's much more difficult, i had one who was using hygienics tampons all the time

she was just thinking the permanent flow was normal. In fact and after a test, she was infected.

So sorry but it's you who post nonsense with obviously a very little experience on the ground.

You should think more before writing something on someone you don't know at all.

I don't so sermon and i don't have moral viewpoint because i am very far from to be a saint 

i bang on a regular basis street prostitutes, ladyboys and so on. sometimes using condom

sometimes not (I know it's bad but i am not perfect) and i should be tested more often.


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7 hours ago, sunnyboy2018 said:

From my experience Thai bar girls are much more strict about condoms

Your ''experience'' sounds like a very limited one and

don't match at all with a lot of punters experiences in Thailand


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