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Tesco Lotus to stop giving out plastic straws

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Where will all this end? As others on Thaivisa have said, this is just the beginning. In the end, almost EVERYTHING made of plastic or containing plastic will be banned.   And then the scare

so, do you actually believe that minimizing the indiscriminate and gratuitous use of distribution of unnecessary plastic is a bad thing?    

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15 minutes ago, Oxx said:


Stop the plastic refuse getting into the oceans - preferably by committing it to landfill.

where it will take hundreds of years to break down, eventually ending up in the water table?

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9 minutes ago, doctormann said:



However, can someone please explain to me just what this has to do with climate change.  


you are aware of how the plastic we consume is made?

and even if there is, as you say, a tenuous link at best, can you deny the issues with disposal of all the plastic manufactured, let alone the manufacturing process and resources consumed and byproducts created in that process?

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