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Frozen British Pensions

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39 minutes ago, UKresonant said:

The four day week is not something that need cost anything at all.

it just means that you schedule the work in 4 days rather than 5. In low demand periods workers only need 4 return journeys to work, in high demand 5 days with OT rather than 6. Cuts your carbon footprint, can be productive. Those against a four day week, sometimes are against it because of the low capability in efficient scheduling, and efficient management of resources. Can be a win-win and profitable, if it is the right kind of core 4 day week!

Old UK lags here will remember Prime Minister Ted Heath who led a government that ended up enforcing a three day working week because of industrial relations and other problems. The interesting aspect of that was that productivity increased enormously as companies learned how to cope with the enforced reduction in time available.

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On 12/7/2019 at 4:59 PM, sandyf said:

That is as much an assumption as any uprating taking place in the first place.

You have a point in the light of the election results 😂

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