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29 minutes ago, Delight said:

 The  way that Transferwise works is that the customer pays into the Transferwise UK bank-i.e.the requested amount to be exchanged.

The  Transferwise  bank in Thailand then transfers the agreed Baht into their customers Thai bank account.

So no SWIFT and no charges at  the receiving  Thai bank-it' s an internal transaction .

Possibly has limitations if money is being brought in for a property purchase.

It's the same if you send money from a bank in Europe which uses another bank in Thailand than yours. If your banking with one of TW partnerbanks  in Thailand and uses the correct reason for transfer then the transfer will show up as foreign. I'm using Bangkok Bank and my TW transfers always shows up as foreign. And there's no problem if your sending money to buy a condo. You must choose the correct reason, 'Purchase of Property', and the receiving bank always knows where the money comes from,hence no problem. The only problem might be the amount. If to large, then a normal swift might be better, but if you can afford to buy a condo, you can afford the fees,too.

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Use Transferwise to move the money to Thailand, I find the phone app easiest. Costs around 7 pounds for a 40,000bht transfer, and you get the XE.com exchange rate, no deductions at the Thai bank.

Transferwise is not a bank but is regulated.

And choosing the correct reason for transfer. "Funds for long term stay in Thailand". 

7 hours ago, Max69xl said:

I know when sending THB via Bangkok Banks London Branch to a Bangkok Bank account in Thailand it's free . . . .

No charges at the Thailand end but a £15 fee from BBL London and their (worse) exchange rate.




Open up "Fees and conversion options" for details.

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