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With no travel insurance, Canadian family struggles to bring injured father home from Thailand

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With no travel insurance, B.C. family struggles to bring injured father home from Thailand





Dan Treacher, a 66-year-old Vancouver Island native, lies in hospital with a head injury he sustained at his wife's home in Thailand. Submitted by Dan Treacher family


A Nanaimo, B.C., family is living through a cautionary tale about the perils of travelling abroad without emergency medical insurance.


On Sunday, a fundraiser was held at the Lantville Pub by the family of Vancouver Island native Dan Treacher, who’s in need of an expensive medical evacuation from Thailand.


Treacher, 66, has been a regular visitor to the country since he married a Thai woman a few years ago. But in September, he fell off a ladder at his wife’s house and ended up with a critical head injury.


An initial brain operation saved his life, but complications have kept him in the hospital.


“He is fighting for his life and wants to come home,” Treacher’s daughter Lisa Robson said.


Full story: https://globalnews.ca/news/6241994/injured-in-thailand-no-insurance/


-- Global News 2019-12-04

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I get 6 months insurance their Square Mouth insurance company and its $200 American.Its travel insurance but it works.i sometimes get 2 months at a time and it's $60 for 2 months.

this guy needed to fork out 2000 baht for 2 months

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7 minutes ago, ezzra said:

I'm thinking that it's high time travel insurance should be worldwide mandated and a must with every ticket purchased just like half a dozen of surcharges we pay when we buy an airline ticket so should be a bare minimum insurance policy to insure minimum coverage, with the provisions to increase the cover to suits individuals, this way billions will be saved not to mention griff and heartaches will saved to all concerns, be it governments or individuals...


I never travel without it.

Trip back there cost me AUD$220.00 for both myself and my wife combined. 

I consider that to be an excellent investment.

It seems to be getting cheaper in fact as I can remember paying much more previously with the same insurance company for the same cover.

Oh...and I am just short of 69.

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