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Lost in translation – Karon seafood restaurant staff chase American customer

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You think this was funny? A mob (at least 14 people) armed with sticks and what looks like boards chasing down a lone man. Can't wait for one of the guys getting a kick out of this to have something s

I'm thinking he parked in front of their restaurant in a bit of the road they considered theirs.

No justification for a 'misunderstanding'.  Mob rule equals lawlessness.  

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17 hours ago, webfact said:
17 hours ago, webfact said:
17 hours ago, webfact said:

American man, 44 year old ‘Conelly’,

27 year old Teeraporn Thitayaporn, 20 year old Aomin Wen from Myanmar and 21 year old Nadee from Myanmar.



Please. Before mock, ctitisize, complain, moan and groan about Thai people do the google search about this story.




the american admit he start the fight.

The burmese then fight him back.






No injury. Everyone pay small fine. Why not?

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