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Butchers in China Accused of Boiling Cats Alive to Make Purses and Shoes

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A market for cat meat and fur continues to thrive in China, according to a group of grassroots activists hoping to put an end to the “perverted” trade.


On Dec. 1, the Fur-Free Society, a group of worldwide volunteers campaigning against the use of animal fur, shed light on the persistent sale of cat meat and fur in China, where there are currently no laws against animal cruelty.


According to the nonprofit, most cats caught in the trade are strays that have neither been spayed nor neutered, consequently reproducing at “alarming” rates.


Additionally, some allegedly snatch pet cats, leaving owners in a hopeless search that occasionally ends in the miserable discovery of their slaughter.


They are sold to butchers who boil them alive to save their skin to become shoes, gloves, purses, etc. sold at our stores as leather goods,” the Fur-Free Society, also known as the Anti-Fur Society, claimed in a Facebook post.


Cat and dog fur are illegal in the U.S. and EU countries, but “their leather comes in without any specs,” the group added.


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Why do I feel nothing? My anthropomorphic feelings are confined to 2 species - dogs and horses. Outside of that, I feel for any mammal, even rats, and seafood is just an alien species. I'm happy eating birds and fish, their brains are so small that they don't realise what's happening. If an animal can feel emotion it makes me uncomfortable eating it. Stupid, I know.

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