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Police say killing of British man on holiday in Phuket is murder

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Police say Killing of Man on Holiday in Thailand is Murder




Amitpal Singh Bajaj was killed while on holiday in Thailand in August 2019. Police have now stated that the victim was murdered.


The investigation into the death of a man on holiday in Thailand has developed as police now say he was murdered.


Amitpal Singh Bajaj, aged 34, of Southall, London, was on holiday with his family at the five-star Centara Grand Hotel on Karon Beach, Phuket.


However, at around 4:00 am on August 21, 2019, Roger Bullman stormed into Mr Bajaj’s bedroom after singing on his balcony.


A fight ensued which ended when Bullman strangled Mr Bajaj in front of his wife Bandhna Kaur Bajaj and their two-year-old son.


Norwegian national Bullman, aged 53, was arrested and charged with manslaughter but went on the run before appearing in court.


Full story: https://www.desiblitz.com/content/police-say-killing-of-man-on-holiday-in-thailand-is-murder


-- DESIblitz 2019-12-06


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2 hours ago, Chazar said:

Oh and there  was me  thinking  he strangled  him by accident, an easy  mistake to make i  guess

It would depend upon whether it was premeditated or not, did he enter the room to kill or was it done in the heat of the moment, more likely is that he was/is mentally unstable.

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