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Forgive me if this question has been asked and answered already somewhere, but I did search for about 15 minutes through all the posts and couldn't find this topic.

This has to do with the phone-based Section38 app to file a TM.30. I have set one up for my wife and our home, but have never had the need to use it yet. However, I am going on a trip next week, and when I return intend to "help" my wife file a TM.30.

I've talked with several friends who also have the app and have used it, and there is one thing that seems to be unresolved.

Somewhere, when filling out the forms, the visa type is asked for. I'm told there is a pull-down list that, among others, has "Non-Imm O-A" and "Non-Imm O-X," but does not have "Non-Imm O" as a choice. There is a choice on the list of "Other." My friends have used "O-X" even though they both have Os.


What have those of you who have a Non-Imm O and are using this app to file a TM.30 marked here? 


Thanks for any advice...Bill Smart

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