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Giant fire near Sydney may take weeks to be put out

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13 hours ago, jjarmstrong said:

I worked as a botanist for the forest department in Victoria in the 1990s. My job was to map the forests and determine which areas were ready for harvesting.


If you are looking for scapegoats, forget the "greenies" and look directly at the politicians. At the camp where I was based there used to be a Summer staff of sixty which the government had cut back to nine a few years previously. The minister at the time went on television to say that we didn't need all these men sitting around waiting for a fire to start which showed that he had absolutely no idea of what went on in his department. He stated that if there was a fire, men could be airlifted in.


Every day the men had been going out keeping the access roads clear but with only a handful in charge of around 60,000 hectares, it became impossible. In my job, we came across fallen trees blocking the road which we had to clear almost every day.


The next year, there was a massive fire. The smoke made it impossible for the helicopters to get the men in and most

of the access roads were blocked by fallen trees. The fire turned 30000 hectares of prime forest into an ash bed.


Did the politicians learn anything from that? What do you think?

how many firefighters protested, complained, made their voice heard?  They were afraid of losing their job and likely only said something when it didn't matter.  we need to speak up to avoid these things....at least try.

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3 hours ago, stevenl said:

There is no point in any discussion if people are not listening to others.

That cuts both ways but like all eco extremists it assumes your view, and only your view is correct. Whatever the cause of this catastrophe the Australian authorities seem to be third world in their lacklustre response.  If this were Thailand this thread would be full of foreigners,  especially Australians  criticising the Thai authorities.

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