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bungalows etc. in Nan or around.

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 Hi All,


 I am going for a motorbike trip to Nan next week. Plan to stay in one place and make day trips for a week or so. 


 Looking for a base in the city of Nan or around. Ideally something super quiet, with bungalows and lots of greenery. Not too fancy, say up to 1000 THB per night, but that's not a decisive factor.


 Any pointers appreciated.



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I am sure you will have a great time as riding the roads around Nan is a very popular pastime.  I would suggest looking at the map section of Agoda or other booking sites as there is a wide selection of properties.  You might want to get more information from GT-Rider which is focused specifically on the kind of thing you are planning.  My motorcycle road trips were many years ago, so I am not up to date, and these days we travel by car and stay with friends when visiting Nan.  Hopefully it will be a touch warmer by the time you get there because it is quite chilly right now.

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 Thank you.


 Yes, I've found some candidate places via booking.com, now looking for more personal recommendations.


 As for GT-Rider, absolutely. It's my #1 source of information right now, my list of trips is based on their "Top 25 roads in Northern Thailand" thread.


 As for a "very popular pastime" - do you mean the place is crawling with bikers these days?

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Nan has been popular with serious bikers for years.  Most groups are small but occasionally you will see a big group during this time of year.  People will ride up all the way from Bangkok just to take in the twisties.  You are definitely not the first one to do this but it is nothing like one of those regional biker day get-togethers. 

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