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Cat breeders in NE Thailand?

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Looking for (purebred) cat breeders in NE Thailand (Udon Thani would be nice).  After adopting two homeless kittens and bonding with them, my wife is devastated when they die from something probably born with.  Lately, a seemingly healthy kitten full of appetite and vigor just shut down after a month.  Vet says FeLV and not much can be done.  So, I would like to try a start with a known healthy cat of good breed.


Google isn't much help so hoping this will turn up some suggestions.  Cheers.


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Actually you are far, far more likely to run into health problems with a pure breed than with one born from natural selection. Pedigree breeding leaves animals very susceptible to genetic problems...nature knows what it is doing in the mating game. In addition Thai breeders are not exactly known for spending money on  preventive health care though of course it can vary by place.


To minimize chances of another loss what you want is not a pure bred but rather a cat that has  been immunized, kept away from feral cats and other animals, and well cared for from birth, and not from one of those crowded pet sellers.


As it happens I have 3 adorable kittens now almost 2 months old (and a Momma cat, who is being spayed this month so as to be permanently an ex-Momma) desperately in need of homes.  These have already begun their immunization series, will have the 2nd shot on Dec 24, have been well cared for ever since birth (I took in the Momma while she was pregnant so they delivered in my home in a clean, well prepared environment), are very healthy. The  only other cats they have had even distant contact with outside their own litter are my 2 two other thoroughly immunized ones and that, from afar. My house is set way back from the road with no other houses nearby, and the kittens and their Mom have been very tightly supervised since birth (mainly to protect them from my other cats, who are jealous types! But it has also kept them away from possible sources of infection)


So I can assure they aren't going to have any virus.  I would be willing to keep them through the final immunization (it is a series of 3 each 3-4 weeks apart so last one would be around mid January) if you prefer and you can take 1, 2 or all 3 kittens as you prefer (and by all means the Mom if you like), I just want to be sure they go to loving and conscientious homes which yours sounds to be.


The kittens still needing homes are all female, 2 are virtually identical twins, calico tabbies, and one is cream colored. Very lively and playful. The Momma is a conventional tabby of unusually affectionate nature, she adores being picked up and held. She seems young, less than a year old herself.


See pix below - it is the 2 on the left and the white on on top that are available along with the Mom.image.png





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Thank you for responding.  I know there are scrupulous breeders and many that are not, like the "backyard breeders" in the states.  However, the genetics of a purebred is what makes them desireable IMO.  IE: known and consistent attributes.  Cross breeding is just as succeptible to "genetic problems" but is not an issue for me as long as the product is healthy, without defects, and with attributes that are desireable in a pet.  


Anyway... your offer is intriguing.  I'll PM you shortly.



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