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We're looking for an Engish Teacher in Non Din Daeng

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Hey guys, my wife's   grandson (my step grandson, watched him at age 8 days on the Sala in 2011) is in Non Din Daeng. Maybe it's a long shot but if there are any people there who could use a few extra bucks and can teach English, let me know. I've been to the Village about 5 times but I have to get good directions. I know about 10 minutes from Downtown Non Din Daeng/Lake area by motorbike. 


The Dude is 8 years old now. We have lived in the U.S. for about 5 years now. My wife has a quite big family in that area. Anyway, any info would be appreciated. Thanks thanks - Paul T

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I have had experience of helping Thais with their English in three locations - Bangkok, Petchaburi, and Isaan.  My experience has consistently been that if the potential student is not enthusiastic and is not supported in his studies by those around him then the entire exercise is a waste of time.


You wrote, "My wife has a quite big family in that area".  I would suggest asking them to find a teacher.  If they are enthusiastic they will easily be able to do so.  If they don't do so then you throwing your money at the situation will achieve nothing positive.


Sorry to be so negative.  I promise you that I am trying to be helpful.

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